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Film Equipment

Film Equipment consists of a Motion Picture Camera with necesary lenses (telephoto, wide angle lens), Film magazine, Film stock and a Tripod. Other equipment ight include a Dolly for Dolly Shots (with tracks) and if necessary a Crane, which enables Aerial and Long shots.

Audio technology includes the Sound Recording Device, the appropriate Microphones, Cables, and a Boom. In addition there is the Lighting equipment emplyed according to Budget and necessity. Aside from the Spotlight and corresponding Filters (used to change to color or diffuse the light) the correct light rigging. Stretched white canvas or polystyrene plates can reflect sunlight reducing the amount of artifical lighting and cost.

A lighting rig setup on location, though some can be plugged into a local mains usppoy of 220 volts, usually a diesel generator and a blank of electrical outlets is required. The generator is part of a Gaffer truck or a trailer with a generator. Specially designed production generators are built to run quietly, but are still positioned away from the shooting location with cables delivering power to the light rigging on set.