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Special Effects or SFX

As special effects: abbreviated SFX, mechanical techniques designed to produce certain effects in the theater or in film and television productions.

In contrast to the visual effects (VFX), which are CGI (computer generated), Special effects (SFX) are created directly on the set. The outcome or result happens live on the set and is immediately judged as usable for the take.

SFX are often closely linked to departments, such as the Stunts and Make-up.

Many special effects require simulated breaking glass (glass film), blood (fake blood).

SFX might also comprise Weather effects (wind by using wind machines, rain water sprays, mist and fog machines and snow, e.g., foam), or Pyrotechnics (fire, smoke and explosions).

Also, special structures (rigs), e.g. mobile platforms for film sets or mechanical gadgets and weapons technology, are included in the duties of the SFX person.