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Shooting Schedule

The indiviual scenes of a film are normally not shot in the chronological order of the story, rather shots are scheduled according to their logicalistical requirements. These might compromise:

Action, Location

Actor/Actress (e.g. scheduling)

desired Season, (Winter, Summer), Weather and Natural Lighting (external locations)

The goal is to shoot all the scenes that play driven by one location in one filming session, regardless of the script chronology; for example a single location might be used for four different scenes in the script, which would then be scheduled to filmed on the same day or days. Likewise it is best to utilize scheduled Actors, not just for one brief scene on one day, but for as many relevant scenes in which they appear.

The Shot Plan is set forth in the Shooting Schedule. The Shooting Schedule is a central tool that functions to administrate most of the production crew. The Shooting Schedule is created by the Assistant Director, Production Manager as well as the Location Mananger (USA).