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Audio Mix or Mix

The sound, or just mix (English mix, sound mix), is one of the last creative steps in the sound post-production. All individual sounds, i.e. dialogue, music, sound, effects and atmosphere, volume, timbre and the spatial position of each are mized together on a sepcialzed sound mixing console into their final (audio) formats (see 6-channel sound, 4-channel sound and Dolby, DTS, SDDS).

The mixture can be divided into different pre-mixes (English pre-mix) and a main-mix (English main mix). The pre-mixes are focused only on one aspect of a sound. For example, in a Dialog pre-mix, sound bites and voice dubbing are matched so any differences are no longer noticeable, and the viewer has the impression that they are one and the same recording.

The sound mix is mixed by the mixer (English re-recording mixer). In the U.S., Britain, France and other countries, it is also common for two to three sound mixers to divide the tasks among themselves.