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6 Channel Mixing

The current term for today's standard film audio format. Examples include Dolby Digital und DTS. Also referred to as Dolby 5.1 (pronounced: five-point-one) where five channels exist supporting the normal-range (20 Hz – 20,000 Hz) (right front, center, left front, right surround and left surround) and one channel (20 Hz – 120 Hz allotted audio) for the subwoofer driven low-frequency effects. English nomenclature is naturally used to indicate the channels (Left, Center, Right, Left-Surround, Right-Surround, LFE or also L, C, R, Ls, Rs, LFE).

During the cinema sound mixing, all sound techs (Production Sound Mixer, Sound Editor, Sound Designer, Foley Artist) as well as the previously recorded Score or other sound elements (Dialogue, Atmosphere, Audio Effects, Synchronized Audio and Foley, Music etc.) not only in its original volume, but manipulated using increased volume, surround effects and frequency according to creative goals and in dramatic support of the action taking place in the Mis-en-Scene using the technique of panning or spreading a sound signal over the available 6 channel sound field.

Usually a 4-channel as well as a 6-channel version of the film's audio mix is available; in the event of any technical failure of the 6-channel recording, the sound can be switched over to the auxiliary 4-channel audio tracks.