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or film rights;

(1) The copyright of the creator of a work of photography, film or video recording is protected by copyright law in Germany called the "Urheberrechtsgesetz (UrhG)." There are many aspects to the protection provided by this law to the copyright holder/creator including the right to reproduce an image, distribution rights, the right to edit or alter the work, and publication rights to the personal rights including the right to recognition of authorship (credit by name) and the prohbition of misrepresentation. This right is valid in the Federal Republic of Germany 50 years after initial publication of the work; and remains classified as an "intellectual creation" and remains the property of the author's heirs 70 years after death.

(2) The "right to their own image" - the representation of oneself on film - is a fundamental personal right and is covered by the Art Copyright Act. A persons' image can only be used in a private sphere, unless the person otherwise grants their voluntary consent.