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or: Medium Close-up; There are various shot settings for the camera. They are defined by how a person or object is framed in a shot. These specific descriptions are universal to make communications amongst the film crew clear. The limits of each shot are not strictly defined, and there are regional variations (USA, Europe) not to mention signature shots by different Directors or DPs. The important point is the relation of the shot to the main theme: A Full Shot, or Long Shot, Wide Shot is moist often used as an Establishing Shot in order to bring the viewer into the milieu of the story or action showing a person or an object in its entirety and in its own context. All subsequent Shots evolve from this initial Shot.

A Medium Close-up shows a figure from breast upwards and are often used when two actors are exchanging dialog. Using this shot emphasizes the actors mimetic facial expressions in the center of the frame also called the "strike-zone" in the USA. See also Full Shot, Medium Shot, Close-up, Extreme Close-up, Long Shot and Extreme Long Shot.